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Mirjam Dür: List of Publications

My author profile in MathSciNet can be viewed here, my publications in ZentralblattMATH can be viewed here.

If you would like to obtain a copy of any of my papers, please send me an email.


  1. Samuel Burer, Kurt M. Anstreicher, and Mirjam Dür: The Difference Between 5 x 5 Doubly Nonnegative and Completely Positive Matrices.

Publications in international journals:

  1. Stefan Bundfuss and Mirjam Dür:
    Copositive Lyapunov Functions for Switched Systems over Cones. Accepted for publication in Systems and Control Letters.
  2. Stefan Bundfuss and Mirjam Dür:
    An Adaptive Linear Approximation Algorithm for Copositive Programs. Accepted for publication in SIAM Journal on Optimization.
  3. Mirjam Dür and Nicole Nowak:
    Packing Solar Cells on a Roof. Optimization and Engineering, in print.
  4. Mirjam Dür and Georg Still:
    Interior Points of the Completely Positive Cone. Electronic Journal of Linear Algebra, 17 (2008), 48-53.
  5. Stefan Bundfuss and Mirjam Dür:
    Algorithmic Copositivity Detection by Simplicial Partition. Linear Algebra and its Applications, 428 (2008), 1511-1523.
  6. Mirjam Dür, Charoenchai Khompatraporn, and Zelda B. Zabinsky:
    Solving Fractional Problems with Dynamic Multistart Improving Hit-and-Run. Annals of Operations Research, 156 (2007), 25-44.
  7. Mirjam Dür and Volker Stix:
    Probabilistic Subproblem Selection in Branch-and-Bound Algorithms. Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics 182 (2005), 67-80.
  8. William P. Baritompa, Mirjam Dür, Eligius M.T. Hendrix, Lyle Noakes, Wayne J. Pullan, and Graham R. Wood:
    Matching Stochastic Algorithms to Objective Function Landscapes. Journal of Global Optimization 31 (2005), 579 - 598.
  9. Mirjam Dür:
    A Parametric Characterization of Local Optimality. Mathematical Methods of Operations Research 57 (2003), 101-109.
  10. Mirjam Dür:
    A Class of Problems where Dual Bounds Beat Underestimation Bounds. Journal of Global Optimization 22 (2002), 49-57.
  11. Mirjam Dür:
    Conditions Characterizing Minima of the Difference of Functions. Monatshefte für Mathematik 134 (2002), 295-303.
  12. Mirjam Dür:
    Dual Bounding Procedures Lead to Convergent Branch-and-Bound Algorithms. Mathematical Programming 91 (2001), 117-125.
  13. Mirjam Dür, Reiner Horst and Nguyen Van Thoai:
    Solving Sum-of-Ratios Fractional Programs. Optimization 49 (2001), 447-466.
  14. Immanuel M. Bomze, Mirjam Dür, Etienne De Klerk, Cornelis Roos, Arie Quist, and Tamas Terlaky:
    On Copositive Programming and Standard Quadratic Optimization Problems. Journal of Global Optimization 18 (2000), 301-320.
  15. Mirjam Dür, Reiner Horst and Marco Locatelli:
    Necessary and Sufficient Global Optimality Conditions for Convex Maximization Revisited. Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications 217 (1998), 637-649.
  16. Mirjam Dür and Reiner Horst:
    Lagrange-Duality and Partitioning Techniques in Nonconvex Global Optimization. Journal of Optimization Theory and Applications 95 (1997), 347-369.

Edited journal issues:  

  • Mirjam Dür, Petra Huhn, Kathrin Klamroth, and Christiane Tammer (Guest Editors),
    Mathematical Methods of Operations Research 68 (2/3), 2008. Special Issue dedicated to the EURO Summer Institute 2006 on Optimization Challenges in Engineering: Methods, Software, and Applications.
  • Mirjam Dür, Bulent Karasözen, Tamas Terlaky and Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber (Guest Editors),
    European Journal of Operational Research 181 (3), 2007. Feature Cluster dedicated to the Workshop on Challenges of Continuous Optimization in Theory and Applications.

PhD Thesis:  

Miscellaneous Publications:

  • Mirjam Dür and Chris Tofallis: Neutral Data Fitting from an Optimisation Viewpoint. Proceedings of the International Workshop on Global Optimization 2005 in Almeria, Spain, pp. 91-96.
  • Mirjam Dür: Review of the book Convex Optimization by Stephen Boyd and Lieven Vandenberghe. Mathematical Methods of Operations Research 61 (2005), 521-522.
  • Mirjam Dür: Review of the book Mathematics of Optimization: Smooth and Nonsmooth Case by G. Giorgi, A. Guerraggio, and J. Thierfelder. Mathematical Methods of Operations Research 61 (2005), 171-172.

Last modified: 20 December 2008 by Mirjam Dür.